Reception to Honor Sr. Military Leaders’ Work to End Torture

DENVER— Human Rights First will host a reception at the Democratic National Convention honoring retired Generals and Admirals who have spoken out in support of interrogation and prisoner treatment policies that reflect American laws, values and interests.

The reception on Wednesday, August 27th at 2PM will be co-hosted by Madeleine K. Albright, Richard Danzig, Richard Holbrooke, William J. Perry and Timothy J. Roemer.

Also in attendance will be 13 retired senior military leaders who, along with a number of other retired generals and admirals, have been working to ensure that U.S. policy reflects a single standard of prisoner treatment consistent with the Geneva Conventions. Members of the group have met individually with eight presidential candidates from both parties in order to ensure that the next commander-in-chief understands the fundamental importance of prisoner treatment issues to members of the United States Armed Forces and to our national security.



Published on August 25, 2008


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