On One-Year Anniversary of the Bombing at Kabul Airport, Evacuate Our Allies Honors the Lives Lost

WASHINGTON – Today marks one year since a suicide bombing outside the Kabul Airport took the lives of at least 183 people, including 170 Afghan civilians and 13 United States service members. The bombing happened during the last days of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, during which the Kabul Airport served as a crucial lifeline for those attempting to evacuate the country. The Evacuate Our Allies (EOA) Coalition honors the lives lost on this tragic day and the continued pain caused by the attack.

For Afghans fleeing the Taliban and EOA Coalition members working with them, the bombing at Abbey Gate signifies a monumental loss of life and the sudden slowdown of the U.S.-led mass relocation efforts. After the attack, the gates were bolted shut, which significantly curtailed the momentum around evacuations, leaving thousands of Afghans vulnerable in the wake of the Taliban takeover.

For American service members, the bombing highlighted the risks facing those providing humanitarian assistance while living up to their ideals. For Afghan civilians who sought protection, the bombing was yet another reminder of the extreme dangers and injuries they face while on their journey to safety. The EOA Coalition honors the selflessness of those who helped the injured and continues to advocate for ongoing efforts to secure effective humanitarian pathways for at-risk Afghans.

EOA remembers all who were affected by this tragedy and continues to act in support of the well-being of service members, advocates, and Afghans in the United States and abroad.


Published on August 26, 2022


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