Obama Administration Praised for Speaking Out Against Violence in Syria

Washington, DC – As thousands of protestors fill the streets of Daraa, Syria and other cities to call for government reform, dozens have reportedly been killed by and many more wounded by pro-government forces. Human Rights First is calling on the Obama Administration to make clear that this most recent violence in Syria, and violence against peaceful protestors throughout the Middle East, must stop. The organization’s Brian Dooley noted: “With so much at stake in the Middle East, the United States must be unwavering in its support for the rights of those partaking in peaceful protests for reform. The Obama Administration was right to condemn the use of lethal violence against unarmed demonstrators in Syria and it should continue to consistently call on all governments in the region to respect the basic rights of freedom of expression and assembly. This administration must maintain a consistent approach to such oppression and not allow strategic alliances and economic ties to determine how vigorously it will support the rights of those participating in peaceful protests for reform.”


Published on March 25, 2011


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