Military Leaders Request Meeting with Sen.-Elect Brown to Discuss Guatanamo, Interrogation, National Security

(Washington, DC January 21, 2010) Two retired U.S. Generals today invited Senator-elect Scott Brown to meet with a group of retired flag officers from every branch of service to discuss interrogation and detention policies for prisoners in U.S. custody. In a letter to Senator-elect Brown, the Generals noted that the meeting would provide a forum for the retired military leaders to share their expertise and offer their assistance to Congress’ newest member.

“Collectively, members of our group have served in every war our country has waged since 1941, against every kind of enemy,” wrote Generals Joseph P. Hoar, USMC (ret.) and Charles C. Krulak, USMC (ret.).  “After learning of the abuses at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, we came together to ensure that our Nation’s interrogation and detention policies comply with the Geneva Conventions and reflect our laws, values and security interests. Concerned that the treatment of detainees has placed American military personnel at increased risk, undermined U.S. intelligence gathering efforts, and greatly harmed America’s image around the world, dozens of retired Generals and Admirals began efforts to educate candidates, elected officials and members of the public, beginning with support for Senator McCain’s Detainee Treatment Act.


Published on January 21, 2010


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