Join Human Rights First for June 30 Day of Action

Attacks on asylum remain at an all-time high—babies have been ripped from their parents’ arms, frightened children sleep in tents, and devastated families’ lives are in limbo as they await their fate when turned away at our southern border. We have to keep fighting back.

Human Rights First is co-sponsoring a protest march for refugee families on Saturday, June 30 in Washington, D.C. and will take part in other marches around the country.
Join us in demanding that the administration:
  • Reunite families now. Permanently end family separation and immediately reunify those that have been separated.
  • End family detention. Children and families deserve due process, not indefinite detention. And they certainly do not belong in baby cages and internment-like camps. Family incarceration is not the solution to family separation.
  • End Zero-Tolerance. Reverse the Trump Administration’s policy that created this crisis and chaos to begin with. Parents should not be criminally prosecuted for doing what all parents do, which is bring their children to safety. This horrible nightmare for families will only end when Trump permanently stops his 100 percent prosecution policy.
Don’t let Trump’s latest move fool you: Children are still being jailed, and they’re still being separated from their families—both at the border and at detention facilities across the country. Join us in demanding that the Trump Administration stop caging children and jailing their parents immediately—and reunite jailed children with their families. Families deserve to seek protection without fear of jail or family separation.
Our collective voices are more important now than ever. Let’s show the Trump Administration that #FamiliesBelongTogether—and not in cages.

Published on June 28, 2018


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