Human Rights First on the Passing of Senator John McCain

Washington, D.C.Following the death of Senator John McCain, Human Rights First’s Sharon Kelly McBride issued the following statement:

With the passing of John McCain, the United States—and the world—has lost a titan. For a generation, he was one of our country’s most influential and eloquent champions of the view that U.S. foreign policy should reflect American ideals. Driven by his patriotism and his conscience, he has never wavered from his core belief that the United States must, for the sake of both humanity and the national interest, stand for freedom and against oppression. John McCain embodied American leadership on human rights.

Of Sen. McCain’s numerous accomplishments, the most important was his campaign to end the U.S. government’s torture program and rebuild the bipartisan consensus against this horrific practice. A decorated veteran and torture survivor, he had unmatched credibility on this issue, which he used not to shame or scold but to appeal to our better angels.

The country will sorely miss the enlightened and dignified leadership of John McCain.


Published on August 26, 2018


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