Human Rights First Honors World Refugee Day

New York City—In honor of World Refugee Day, Human Rights First’s Eleanor Acer released the following statement:

As we celebrate the bravery and resilience of refugees around the world, we call on the Trump Administration to end its campaign of demonizing and dehumanizing those who are forced to flee violence and persecution. Refugees are men, women, and children who want nothing more than to live in safety and freedom. Refugees are an essential part of our communities and our country.

Rather than attempting to score political points off of the suffering of refugees by blocking them from asylum and resettlement, as well as holding them in horrific jails and detention facilities, we urge political leaders to take decisive action on real solutions to address the humanitarian crisis.

Our proud American tradition of welcoming new neighbors is under daily assault, and on this World Refugee Day we recommit ourselves to fighting to uphold this legacy.


Published on June 20, 2019


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