Human Rights First Demands Justice For The Assault On the Capitol

Washington – Human Rights First today urges immediate action to bring those responsible for the assault on our nation’s Capitol to justice.

“In a country where the rule of law is sacrosanct, there must be accountability for the violent invasion of our nation’s Capitol in an attempt to upend the results of an unquestionably free and fair election,” said CEO and President of Human Rights First Michael Breen.

The president instigated this attack on our system of government, violating his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and must be turned out of office pursuant to the accountability mechanisms contained in our Constitution. Human Rights First advocates for pursuing his removal from office through the 25th Amendment or impeachment and trial by the Congress.

Human Rights First demands that the violent and destructive rioters who attacked the Capitol be prosecuted for all crimes for which they are responsible, including seditious conspiracy, damage to federal property, use of explosives, and crossing state lines to commit crimes.

We also seek accountability for the government’s response to this anti-democratic mob. We call for a thorough investigation into the glaring discrepancies between law enforcement’s preparation and response to this ransacking of the Capitol and their actions around peaceful protests in which large numbers of people are harassed and arrested, like last summer’s demonstrations for Black lives.

These actions will help to protect the human rights of all Americans who cherish democracy and the rule of law. Now and moving forward, we must focus on building and reinforcing systems that bring real justice to all Americans and people around the world.


Published on January 8, 2021


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