Human Rights First Congratulates Board Member Tony Blinken on Nomination to Serve as Secretary of State

Blinken, a long-time board member, has stood with Human Rights First in defending human rights and democratic movements around the world

WASHINGTON — Human Rights First congratulates the vice-chair of its board of directors former Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken on his nomination to serve as Secretary of State under the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden.

“After serving President-elect Joe Biden as his top aide when he chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and as his national security adviser when he was vice president, Tony offered our board vital expertise on human rights issues around the world,” said Mona Sutphen, Human Rights First board co-chair. “We are especially pleased that human rights and justice will again have an ally helming the State Department.”

Michael Rozen, Human Rights First’s board co-chair said, “Tony has been a great partner to this organization. In his new role as Secretary of State, we expect that he will reintegrate this country into the agreements and institutions the U.S. helped create to protect people around the world. In short, Human Rights First’s loss is America’s gain.”

Tom Bernstein, board co-chair emeritus of Human Rights First said, “The nomination of my good friend Tony Blinken is a proud moment for Human Rights First. President-elect Joe Biden could not have made a better choice than Secretary of State-designate Tony Blinken. He has a record of effectiveness in government and has proven himself to be a strong champion of human rights throughout his career and on our board.”

Human Rights First’s President and CEO, Mike Breen also welcomed the news.

“The nomination of Tony Blinken as Secretary of State is great news for the global human rights movement and American foreign policy,” said Breen. “Tony’s career stands for the truth that human rights leadership is in the enlightened self-interest of the United States, and we could not imagine a better leader at the State Department to carry that vision forward. At a time when resurgent authoritarianism and extremism call us to strengthen alliances, and when global crises from a pandemic to climate change demand cooperation across borders, America must be again to the world what we have been at our best: a trusted ally of all who seek greater freedom and justice. Tony Blinken’s nomination sets that tone.”


Published on November 23, 2020


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