Human Rights First Condemns Sanctions Against International Criminal Court Officials, Their Families

WASHINGTON – Today, through Executive Order 13928, the Trump administration initiated sanctions against two officials of the International Criminal Court, imposing visa blocks and asset freezes against the officials and their families.

Human Rights First issued the following statement in response to this troubling decision:

“Human Rights First has previously spoken out on the highly problematic and counterproductive nature of EO 13928. Today’s designations under that authority of two officials of the International Criminal Court and their families represent a disappointing misstep in the U.S. government’s use of its sanctions power.

“By sanctioning ICC officials, the Trump administration is sending the wrong message to the international community regarding the U.S. government’s commitment to accountability for human rights violations while undercutting the legitimacy of productive U.S. sanctions programs on everything from non-proliferation to human rights. Sadly, this will be considered a good day by those around the world that seek and enjoy impunity for serious human rights abuses.”



Published on September 2, 2020


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