Human Rights First Condemns President Trump’s Attack on the Constitution

Washington, D.C.Human Rights First today condemned President Trump’s attacks on the constitutional right of due process in comments he made concerning immigration policy. In response to President Trump, Human Rights First’s Senior Vice President for Policy Rob Berschinski issued the following statement:

“With each passing day, President Trump sounds more like the dictators and strongmen he adores in places like North Korea, Turkey, and Russia. There can be no mistaking what the president is advocating. He wants the power to snatch people and deport them without giving them access to a court of law. He wants to replace the rule of law with rule by fiat, in line with his manifest cruelty, racism, and bigotry. This blatantly unconstitutional power-grab should terrify Americans of all political persuasions. Leaders from both of our political parties should be denouncing this undemocratic, un-American language in the strongest terms.”


Published on June 25, 2018


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