Human Rights First Calls for Release of Unjustly Jailed Sudanese Human Rights Defender

New York, NY Human Rights First today called for the release of leading Sudanese human rights defender Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, who was jailed in Khartoum on Dec.22, 2010 based on apparently fabricated charges.  According to the group, a judge reversed Mudawi’s previous acquittal on charges of financial mismanagement, even though no new evidence was presented to the court. The judge then sentenced Mudawi to one year of imprisonment and a fine of 3,000 Sudanese pounds. “Dr. Mudawi has been unjustly imprisoned,” said Human Rights First’s Neil Hicks. ”This sentence is designed to punish him for his peaceful activities as a critic of the Sudanese government’s policies and as an outspoken advocate for human rights.  Dr. Mudawi has been jailed without even the semblance of a fair legal process and should be released immediately.”  Dr. Mudawi is the founder the Sudan Social Development Organization (SUDO), a non-governmental organization.  He was awarded the 2005 Human Rights Award by Human Rights First.


Published on December 22, 2010


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