Human Rights First Applauds Launch of Welcome With Dignity Campaign

NEW YORK — Today, Human Rights First joined the Welcome with Dignity Campaign, a coalition of dozens of organizations, activists, asylum seekers, and advocates that aims to ensure that the United States humanely and fairly receives and protects people forced to flee their homes.

“Through our legal representation of asylum seekers and countless discussions with those illegally turned away from the United States, we see every day how crucial it is that children, families, and adults seeking this country’s protection have their human rights respected and protected,” said Senior Director of Refugee Protection Eleanor Acer. “The Welcome With Dignity Campaign is an effort to unequivocally reject the xenophobia and racism that has defined U.S. asylum and immigration policies for decades and build a national movement to welcome people fleeing violence and persecution with dignity. Human Rights First proudly joins with our allies in this campaign to lead America toward a more humane future.”

The Welcome With Dignity Campaign calls for the protection of people seeking safety in the United States, implementing a humane reception system for asylum seekers, and building a fair, effective and timely asylum system. The campaign’s priorities, targeted at both Congressional and White House action, include: ending the illegal and dangerous ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy and misuse of Title 42; launching a holistic and humane reception system to support asylum seekers throughout the process; revamping the U.S. immigration system to process asylum applications in a fair, effective and timely manner with fully funded legal counsel for people seeking asylum as well as an independent immigration court system free from partisan influence.

Among its multiple human rights activities, Human Rights First has a long history of providing pro bono legal representation to refugees seeking asylum in the United States and conducting research and advocacy to protect their rights. Human Rights First is proud to serve, alongside other dedicated partners, as a member and leader of the campaign.


Published on May 26, 2021


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