Egyptian Activist’s Health Declines as Authorities Sidestep Due Process

Washington, DC – Human Rights First today voiced serious concerns about the health of imprisoned Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil, who has been on hunger strike since August 23. A military appeal court today told Nabil his case would be retried – again by a military court – in the near future. On March 28, he was arrested by Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces for criticizing abuses by the military. He was tried without the presence of his attorney and sentenced by a military commission to three years in prison. “Nabil is a civilian and should not be tried by a military court,” said Human Rights First’s Brian Dooley. “He appears to have been targeted by the military simply for the peaceful expression of his views.” Human Rights First has repeatedly raised Nabil’s case with Egyptian authorities, but it appears he will be kept in detention while arrangements are made for the retrial. His health is fast deteriorating. “The ruling military council in Egypt continues to target human rights activists – harassing and detaining them,” said Human Rights First’s Brian Dooley. “Nabil’s case represents so much of where Egypt is failing, including its intolerance of peaceful dissent and its unfair legal process.”


Published on October 11, 2011


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