Dixon Osburn Statement on Khan Deal

Only Seventh Detainee In 10 Years To Be Convicted After Plea Deal Today, Federal Courts Continue To Outpace Tribunals in Resolving Terrorism Cases Washington, DC — Today, following news that high-value detainee Majid Khan has reached a plea deal in which he will testify against fellow Guantanamo detainees in exchange for a reduced sentence and eventual freedom, Human Rights First’s Dixon Osburn issued the following statement: “The plea deal today brings us one step closer to putting the failed experiment of Guantanamo behind us. Tribunals remain risky gambles of justice that have fewer criminal laws with which to prosecute criminal suspects and no precedent upon which to guide them. Pleas are often the best resort for prosecutors. As we wind down the war in Afghanistan, we should learn from the mistakes of Guantanamo and recommit ourselves to our proven federal courts, our local law enforcement and the Constitution that has served as a beacon of justice for more than two hundred years.”


Published on February 22, 2012


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