Clinton Speech Marks Major Turning Point for Promoting Freedom of Expression

Washington, DC January 21, 2010 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Newseum speech made clear the Obama Administration’s intent to put into practice its previously stated commitment to Internet freedom and it marks a major turning point for promoting freedom of expression, according to Human Rights First. In a statement released after the speech, Human Rights First President and CEO Elisa Massimino said:

“New technology demands new thinking about how companies and governments can each work to protect freedom.  Both have a part to play. As last week’s news about censorship of Google in China makes clear, it is vitally important that companies take action to promote respect for freedom of expression and privacy. But, as Secretary Clinton stated,   companies need the support of their governments to fight the repressive censorship and surveillance practices that threaten Internet freedom across the globe.”

“Secretary Clinton today assured us that she will work across all sectors of the U.S. government to promote Internet   freedom abroad, and she will coordinate with other governments to address   repressive policies and programs that limit freedom of expression and privacy.  She also acknowledged the work of the Global Network Initiative as another tool for addressing these concerns. The Global Network Initiative, in which Human Rights First continues to play a leading role, provides invaluable guidance and support for technology companies that are often forced to navigate difficult waters as they work to protect freedom of expression and privacy for hundreds of millions of Internet users around the world.”

“Human Rights First is encouraged by the Secretary’s announcement and stands ready to continues its work with the GNI and to support the Administration


Published on January 21, 2010


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