Bannon Removal from National Security Council a Victory for American Ideals

New York City—Human Rights First today welcomed reports that Stephen Bannon, chief strategist to President Trump, has been removed from the National Security Council. Prior to his White House appointment, Bannon served as the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a website that has promoted racist, antisemitic, and white-nationalist ideologies.

“Today’s decision is an important move to de-politicize the National Security Council, a body that shouldn’t be entrusted to idealogues,” said Human Rights First’s Rob Berschinski, former director for security and human rights policy at the National Security Council. “This welcome change should be followed by a rejection of Steve Bannon’s brand of alt-right populism—one that traffics in intolerance of Jews, Muslims, immigrants, LGBT people, and others. These views run counter to all that America stands for, alienate our allies, embolden our enemies, and make us less safe.”

Human Rights First continues to urge President Trump to make clear that he condemns all forms of antisemitism and intolerance.


Published on April 5, 2017


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