Administration to Triple Size of Texas Tent Camp Holding Migrant Children​

New York City—In response to reports that the Trump Administration will triple the size of a tent camp for migrant children being held by the Department of Health and Human Services, Human Rights First’s Eleni Bakst issued the following statement:​ ​

Children should never be held in tent cities. Period. This tragic situation is a result of the Trump Administration’s year-long attack on the asylum system, and their hostility toward those who come to the United States seeking safety. The United States can and must do better than warehousing vulnerable children.

Many of these children have fled from horrific violence in their home countries, and rather than offer them protection, we are treating them like criminals and detaining them in conditions that experts agree can lead to long-lasting harm. Instead of keeping thousands of children in tents in the harsh Texas desert, the administration should release those who pose no risks to this country. There are many proven and cost-effective alternatives to detention.​ ​


Published on September 11, 2018


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