Administration to Expel Salvadorans in United States for Decades

New York City—Human Rights First today condemned the Trump Administration’s decision to end temporary protective status (TPS) for Salvadorans, which will impact approximately 200,000 individuals who have been living in the United States for decades.

“This heartless decision is yet another example of this administration’s hostility toward immigrants and their families, including children who have known no home other than the United States. As an organization that represents hundreds of families who have been forced to flee El Salvador due to violence and instability, we see the devastating impact of this ongoing crisis on a daily basis. The loss of protection for family members who have been in the United States for decades only further destabilizes this vulnerable community,” said Human Rights First’s Eleanor Acer. “As the administration continues its campaign to destroy families, we call on Congress to act immediately to protect these vulnerable individuals.”

Salvadorans were given temporary protective status following the 2001 earthquake, which left the country devastated. Rampant gang violence, murder, and human rights abuses in the country have contributed to a regional refugee and displacement crisis, causing thousands of men, women, and children to flee to the United States and other countries in search of protection. The organization notes that the crisis needs to be addressed through a comprehensive plan to provide protection to those at risk and improve conditions in El Salvador so that children, families, and other individuals no longer need to flee. Returning Salvadorans will only increase regional instability, which is counterproductive to U.S. interests.


Published on January 8, 2018


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