Act now! Don’t let the Senate Obstruct Terrorism Investigations.

Read the news lately? We haven’t seen much on the controversial defense bill. That’s because, right now, this bill is being negotiated behind closed doors. A decision could come any second — act now! Tell Senators Harry Reid and Carl Levin to put America’s safety first. Urge them to strip away dangerous provisions in the defense bill that perpetuate some of the country’s worst mistakes in the fight against terrorism. Act now before they finalize language on the bill! This bill contains provisions that would:

  • stop the FBI and law enforcement from effectively investigating terrorism suspects;
  • authorize the indefinite detention of criminal terror suspects without trial; and
  • effectively make Guantanamo a permanent prison.

These provisions take up only a few paragraphs of the 666-page bill and have no business being part of it. Our important ally, Senator Harry Reid, continues to stand strong against these provisions as he negotiates with the Senate Armed Services Committee. Your voice needs to be a part of this negotiation. Take action now before they put this bill to a vote!


Published on November 9, 2011


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