Nicole Munson

Advocacy Committee Member
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Nicole has a background in organizational management, project management, and human resources. She has worked in several industries managing others and supporting organizations' operational needs. Currently she works in talent acquisition for Community Change, a non-profit based in Washington D.C. which builds power for low income communities, especially low income communities of color and low income communities of women to change policies and institutions that impact their lives.

She has previous experience working with faith based organizations promoting peacebuilding education, interfaith dialogue, and engagement in specific conflicts such as Israel/Palestine. Nicole also works with Solidarity 2020 and Beyond assisting their organization with website services, an unarmed civilian protection mission via press releases, and getting their grassroots led blog created through project management and editing.

She is currently pursuing her Masters in Philosophy in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Nicole is interested to learn more about the reasons we engage in violence, how to manage conflict on national, state, and interpersonal levels, how grassroots nonviolent campaigns can benefit the progression of societies, and the ways that gender is impacted by conflict. Through the Emerging Leaders Advisory Board (ELAB), Nicole is hopeful to continue advocating and engaging others in the field of human rights.

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