Julia Neusner

Research & Policy Associate Attorney, Refugee Protection

Julia Neusner is a Research and Policy Associate Attorney with Refugee Protection at Human Rights First. Her work has focused on monitoring the impact of U.S. immigration policies on migrants and asylum seekers at the U.S. Mexico border, including tracking violent crimes against migrants in Mexico, seeking accountability for abuses by U.S. immigration officers, and promoting protection pathways for people displaced in the context of climate change. 

Julia earned a Juris Doctor and a master’s degree in International Policy from Stanford University, where she focused on migration, labor, and human security. She founded the Refugee Rights Network at Stanford Law School and coordinated monthly student trips to the U.S.-Mexico border to provide legal services to people seeking asylum. 

Julia previously taught middle and high school special education in the New York City public school system through the New York City Teaching Fellows program. She also holds a Master of Science in Education from Long Island University Brooklyn and a Bachelor of Arts in comparative literature with honors from New York University. 

Julia is admitted to the New York State Bar. She lives in Oakland, California. 

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