Cindy Simon Skjodt

Board Member

Born in January 1958 in Indianapolis, Indiana to Melvin and Bess Simon, Cindy has spent most of her adult life serving the Marion and Hamilton County communities. She graduated from Carmel High School in 1976 and earned her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in 1980. Cindy later earned her master’s degree in Family & Marriage Therapy from Butler University in 1996.

Cindy continues to dedicate her time, attention, leadership, and financial resources to Central Indiana nonprofit charity boards as well as a few national and international charities that have touched her heart. She is often called upon to lead local philanthropic initiatives and campaigns because of her unparalleled track record of success as a leader and her fierce determination to make a difference. Besides striving to make the world a better place; her commitment to community has improved the lives of underserved youth, filled the shelves of food pantries, championed youth sports activities, and she has been a true advocate for the needs of mental health and psychotherapy. Cindy was a founding director of the Pacer Foundation in 1981 and remains actively involved today. Mrs. Skjodt also meets the demands of her beloved Samerian Foundation, of which she is Chairman.

Within the last twenty-five years, Cindy Simon Skjodt has served on 43 local Boards of Directors, 27 action committees, and 13 Advisory Councils. Twice she has been awarded the highest honor in the State of Indiana by the Governor, the Sagamore of the Wabash. She has also been bestowed with the honor of “Cindy Simon Skjodt Day” on three separate occasions by three separate Indianapolis Mayors. Her honors are numerous and include the like of Herman B Wells Visionary, Profiles in Leadership, Woman of the Year, Anne Frank Award, Living Legacy, Major Benefactors Award, and the Pathfinder Award. The list of her awards for philanthropic endeavors and community leadership is unending and continues to grow annually. Her passion for helping others is well known. Cindy’s network of colleagues, family, friends and business associates has been beneficial in her pursuit of empowerment of women. She has shared her generosity with nearly everyone in her life. She has channeled her talents and intelligence in positive directions to raise much-needed funds for the charities and causes that are near and dear to her heart.

The most important aspect of her life is family. Cindy married Paul Skjodt in 1987 and raised her family, including children Erik, Samantha and Ian in the Indianapolis area. She remains active in civic and cultural organizations, in addition to overseeing the perpetuity of her private family foundation. Cindy is a true advocate for mental health issues as well as a champion for all animals. Mrs. Simon Skjodt continues to lead the philanthropic legacy engrained within her as a child by her loving and benevolent parents for whom she credits her work around the globe.