Urgent! Egyptian activist arrested

We have just heard that an Egyptian activist is to stand trial in a military court today—for “insulting the military institution” and other charges. Maikel Nabil Sanad called out abuses by the military—and is now facing up to three years in prison for it. Reports indicate that the military is carrying out arbitrary arrests and torture, and subjecting women to ‘virginity tests.’ Maikel was calling attention to the military’s abuse of power, and now he’s been arrested by the military police. Surprise surprise. Sign our petition to support Maikel and other Egyptian activists at risk. We could have hoped that with the revolution, repression came to an end in Egypt. But since the military has taken over power in Egypt, there are continuing and serious concerns about how they are dealing with dissent. That’s why Human Rights First is bringing prominent Egyptian activist Esraa Abdel Fattah to meet with U.S. officials next week—so she can tell them how to make sure real change comes to Egypt. We need to ensure that the U.S. supports the people, not the autocrats, in Egypt and the broader region. Next week, Esraa will meet with dozens of policy and opinion makers—and you can join her by adding your signature to our petition. We’ll hand deliver it to the officials we meet and get it in the hands of the authorities in Cairo themselves. We cannot stand aside while activists continue to be detained merely for voicing dissent. Stand up with Egyptian activists—sign our petition. Thank you for supporting Maikel, Esraa, and the countless other activists who have been calling for freedom in Egypt for years and continue to do so today.


Published on March 31, 2011


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