Urge Your Senators to Close Gitmo Now [Take Action]

There’s new momentum to close Gitmo and we need your help to seize this crucial moment.

The Senate will soon vote on the annual defense bill, and it includes provisions to prosecute or transfer the remaining 164 detainees. Combined with President Obama’s renewed engagement on this issue, this could finally be the beginning of the end of Gitmo.

Urge your Senators to vote for this bill, and against any amendments that would weaken the Gitmo provisions.

Detainee abuse, imprisonment without charge, unjust military commissions: Gitmo is a frontal assault on American ideals. We’ve been fighting to close it since the beginning. We’ve never stopped, even when the issue was out of the headlines, and we won’t stop until we succeed.

In this effort, we’ve teamed up with a coalition of retired generals and admirals, who know firsthand that respect for human rights is a national security asset. They were standing with President Obama in 2009 when he promised to shut Gitmo down, and they’re working to hold him to it. At the same time, they’re calling on Congress to help him make Gitmo history.

Finally, after 12 years, there’s a chance to close Gitmo. Please join us in this effort. Let’s make sure that Congress doesn’t let this opportunity slip away.

Urge your Senators to close Guantanamo now by voting for the Senate defense bill.


Published on November 6, 2013


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