Tweeting to Close Guantanamo

Human Rights First is participating in a major campaign on January 21st and 22nd to focus attention on Guantanamo and the need to close the prison, end indefinite detention, and try terrorist suspects in federal courts.

In coalition with over a dozen national security and human rights organizations (see below), the campaign aims to support the President’s commitment to close the facility and show Congress and the media that thousands of citizens from across the country want the prison closed.

The initiative is centralized on Twitter, where organizations and participants are using a common hash tag (#closegitmo) to amplify the message and build grassroots support to close Guantanamo.

How can you participate? It’s easy:

  1. Change your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter to the Close Gitmo image above (right click and save to your computer, then upload as your avatar).
  2. Follow us on Twitter and retweet what you like of what we send. Sign and tweet our petitions to the White House and Senator-elect Scott Brown!
  3. Remember to use the hashtag #closegitmo.
  4. Check out our video we made with pictures of our constituents who have signed our petition. Sign, and then post or tweet the video and petition to your networks.
  5. Finally, please share. Spread the word through your networks.


Other participating organizations include:
New Security Action
Amnesty International USA
Human Rights Watch
American Civil Liberties Union
Physicians for Human Rights
Human Rights First
Common Cause
Constitution Project
Alliance for Justice
Center for Constitutional Justice
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Rethink Media
National Security Network
Progressive Democrats of America
World Can’t Wait

Participating Musicians:
Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)
Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)
EMI Worldwide
Rosanne Cash
Henry Rollins
State Radio


Published on January 21, 2010


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