“There is nothing complicated about this issue” Rachel Maddow and Charles Kaiser on Torture

On Wednesday, Rachel Maddow and Charles Kaiser discussed the deeply flawed Newsweek cover article that justifies “enhanced interrogation” and calls on Obama to continue Bush’s policies. At about 8:35, Kaiser mentions the December meetings HRF organized between the group of retired military leaders and key members of the transition team, pointing out that calls for an end to torture and abusive interrogations are not partisan. Listen to the piece here.

And read Charles Kaiser’s post on the article in Full Court Press at the Columbia Journalism Review here:

For the record, this is the truth about the torture authorized at the very top of the Bush administration. There is no evidence that it ever produced any useful information, except for the uncorroborated boasts of Cheney and his henchmen. There are more than forty retired Admirals and Generals who have lobbied Congressmen and Senators continuously because they know that these methods are not only immoral and illegal but also completely counter-productive. And every experienced Army interrogator agrees that non-coercive methods produce more reliable information than the ones Cheney plucked from the “dark side” in a criminally misguided effort to protect America.


Published on January 16, 2009


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