The Jobbik Party in Hungary: History and Background

Hungary is situated in a key location in Eastern Europe, serving as a buffer between Russia and the rest of Europe. The country has served as an important ally to the United States due to this strategic location; however, the growth of Jobbik, a virulently antisemitic, anti-Roma extremist party with a growing representation in Hungarian Parliament, should alarm U.S. members of Congress and the Obama Administration. Though the party does not control the Hungarian government, they have enjoyed an uptick in popularity in recent years and their public discourse has exacerbated an already precarious situation for Hungary’s minorities.

The ideals of the Jobbik party stand in stark contrast to American values. As a leader in human rights and democracy, the United States can encourage Hungary to push back against the authoritarianism and intolerance toward minority groups that is growing in the country and promoted by Jobbik.

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Published on July 13, 2015


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