The CIA’s Tortured Past

The pressure is mounting to declassify the Senate torture report.

Last week, Senator Dianne Feinstein came to the Senate floor and accused the CIA of spying on Senate intelligence committee staff responsible for investigating the CIA torture program. Senator Feinstein noted that she stands by the committee staff’s groundbreaking findings and that, by the end of this month, the Senate intelligence committee will vote on whether to send the report to the White House for declassification.

A vote to declassify may come as soon as next week. Help us keep the momentum going. Sign our petition urging the Senate Intelligence Committee to declassify its torture report.

Last week, President Obama said that he is “absolutely committed to declassifying [the report] as soon as it is completed.” Even former CIA Chief Legal Officer John Rizzo, one of the architects of the CIA’s torture program, reiterated his support for declassification. He stated, “Everything needs to get out on the record. Let people judge. Let people decide and move on.”

Marc, you deserve to know the truth about torture.

Releasing the torture report will allow us to understand the consequences of the CIA’s torture program and prevent our nation from returning to these ineffective and un-American practices.

Urge the Senate Intelligence Committee to declassify its torture report.


Published on March 20, 2014


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