Senator Warren Shares Veteran’s Call to Embrace our Muslim Allies

Yesterday Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) read a recent opinion column from the Boston Globe on the Senate floor from Veterans for American Ideals leader Matt Gallagher. What caught Senator Warren’s interest is that an Iraq war veteran, and former U.S. Army captain, is standing up for our Muslim allies in the face of President Trump’s executive order barring certain refugees and immigrants.

Gallagher passionately writes, “After 16 years of war, much of my generation of military veterans stands with the Middle Eastern people we sweated, labored and bled with, and sometimes died for. It’s going to be a fight, but it’s one we’re not going to lose. The legacy of America’s past is at stake, as well as the soul of its future.”

Read the full article at the Boston Globe.


Published on February 1, 2017


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