Senate Intelligence report on interrogations should be made public

Opinion piece by Tony Camerino in The Hill

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) which she leads just voted with a bipartisan majority to adopt a 6,000 page report detailing the facts of CIA interrogation practices after 9/11. This classified report is the most comprehensive and detailed accounting to date of what — if anything — was gained by torture.

The award-winning screenwriter of Zero, Mark Boal, said in a recent interview that the film is not a documentary. He wrote the torture scene to make the point that the CIA used torture, not to assert that torture works. Last night, director Katheryn Bigelow noted, “I think what’s important to remember is it’s a movie and not a documentary. It’s just a movie. It’s a dramatization of a 10-year manhunt compressed into two-and-a-half hours.”


Published on January 9, 2013


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