Sebastian Gorka: A Deeper Look at Controversial Allegations

Credible reports continue to suggest that Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant and senior counter-terrorism advisor to President Trump, has over the course of his career maintained ties to, and voiced opinions supportive of, antisemitic Hungarian  extremist groups and political parties. He has written opinion pieces for news outlets widely known for their antisemitic views. Gorka and his supporters have denied all allegations tying him to these groups. Instead, they have sought to discredit media reports that have exposed Gorka’s statements and actions, and to cast doubt on statements from present-day members of radical groups confirming Gorka’s affiliations.

The following summarizes and provides context for what is known about Gorka’s connections to groups espousing antisemitic views and policy prior to his time in the White House.

Fact Sheets

Published on April 25, 2017


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