Padilla Verdict Shows Criminal Justice System Can Deal with Terrorism

“The Padilla trial proves that this country’s criminal justice system is fully capable of dealing with terrorism crimes,” said Hina Shamsi, Deputy Director of the Law & Security Program at Human Rights First. “At the same time, the verdict begs the question of why Mr. Padilla was detained for three and a half years in incommunicado military custody and denied his right to a speedy trial in violation of this country’s fundamental laws of due process.”

Ms. Shamsi added: “The five years it took for this case to come to trial made one thing clear: the United States is strengthened when it adheres to the rule of law and trusts its own justice system. This country is only weakened when it relies on illegal and abusive practices to avoid a trial.”

Human Rights First filed several “friend of the court” briefs and assisted in numerous other briefs challenging Jose Padilla’s military detention.


Published on August 16, 2007


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