One year after Trump’s election: Winning fights for human rights

One year ago today, Donald Trump was elected president. For those who believe that American leadership is essential in the global struggle for human rights, these are challenging times.

But American leadership isn’t only the responsibility of our government. American leadership is shared by all of us. By you and me. That’s why for the past year we’ve been on the frontlines together, defending American ideals.

  • We’ve mobilized thousands of veterans to stand up for refugees and against anti-Muslim bigotry
  • We spurred the Department of Homeland Security to investigate illegal conduct by its border officials
  • We’ve championed the American justice system— and kept the government from sending any new inmates to Guantanamo
  • We partnered with more pro bono lawyers than ever before, providing legal services to nearly 1,800 refugees
  • We demanded that the United States stand by our wartime allies and won congressional approval for thousands of visas for Afghan refugees who served with our military
  • We secured unprecedented bipartisan support for a congressional resolution condemning anti-gay violence in Chechnya

And this is only the beginning of what we can accomplish if we continue to stand together. Give today and help us keep fighting.


Published on November 8, 2017


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