Military Leaders on Hardball, Supporting Guantanamo Closure

Two retired military leaders were interviewed on Hardball with Chris Matthews last night, speaking out against Dick and Liz Cheney’s politics of fear and discussing the national security interests of closing the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

Harry E. Soyster, Lieutenant General (Ret.), stressed:

Guantanamo remains a symbol which we need to remove…the quicker we do that, the more secure this country will be.

John D. Hutson, Rear Admiral, JAGC, USN (Ret.) explained:

We’re here, this group of admirals and generals, in order to try to debunk the
politics and strategy of fear and to rely on a strategy of strength.

Hutson and Soyster were part of a group of retired military leaders who met yesterday with Attorney General Eric Holder and participated in a panel organized by Human Rights First to discuss this issue. Read some coverage of the meetings in our blogpost from yesterday.

Read more about Human Rights First’s Protecting America Post-Guantanamo campaign.


Published on October 1, 2009


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