Massimino Discusses Global Refugee Crisis on the Diane Rehm Show

By Megdi Abebe

Today Human Rights First President and CEO was a guest on “The Diane Rehm Show” where she spoke about the world’s response to the refugee crisis in Europe. Alongside Massimino, guests included the Wall Street Journal’s Deborah Ball, Stephan Richter from The Globalist, and David O’Sullivan, who serves as the E.U. ambassador to the United States.

Massimino urged U.S. leaders to uphold our nation’s legacy as a global leader on refugee protection by playing a more active role in response to this crisis.

Massimino noted that refugees who flee their home countries due to horrific violence and persecution – including the more than 4 million men, women, and children who have fled Syria – have rights and deserve protection under international law. While countries are not required to to grant asylum to refugees, it is against international law for nations to actively send back those who are fleeing from places where they are discriminated against.

“We’re here today because we’re dealing with a situation that was exactly what the United States and the world community sought to prevent after World War II, which is the abandonment of people who have suffered deep, deep persecution and violence in their home countries,” said Massimino.

In order to step up its leadership on refugee protection, Massimino encouraged the United States to raise the refugee ceiling to 200,000 in order to allow for the resettlement of 100,000 Syrian refugees during the next fiscal year.

To hear more, listen to the full interview here:

Diane Rehm Show: World Response To The Accelerating Migrant Crisis In Europe


Published on September 9, 2015


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