Looking to the Future: What’s Next?

Yesterday, millions of voters made their voices heard in support of American ideals. They stood together despite President Trump’s closing bid to Americans: “be afraid.” Be afraid of refugees desperately fleeing persecution in their home countries. Be afraid of parents who bring their children to this country to escape gang violence.

But President Trump failed, because Americans will not allow hate and fear-mongering to undermine what our country stands for.

As we close out this contentious election season, Human Rights First is looking to the future. And that starts with a vigorous congressional oversight agenda, to ensure that cruel policies enacted by the Trump Administration are exposed for what they are—divisive, extreme measures that have no place in America.

Whether it’s the administration’s cruel family separation and incarceration policies, its attempts to roll back protection for refugees, or the politically-motivated decision to send thousands of troops to the border, we’ll be using our policy know-how and on-the-ground expertise to get results that help refugees and defend human rights.

Starting today, we are pressing Congress to protect the rights of refugees and ensure that families brave enough to seek safety can live in freedom and dignity in the United States. But we can’t do this without your help. Join us as we stand up to President Trump’s destructive policies.


Published on November 7, 2018


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