Lithuanian Vote on Russian Style Anti-“Propaganda” Amendment Postponed

Lithuanian members of the Seimas have postponed a vote on a Russian style anti-“propaganda” amendment to the Code of Administrative Violations. The amendment, introduced by Seimas member Petras Gražulis, would severely infringe on the rights of Lithuania’s LGBT community. Although not a conclusive dismissal of the amendment, the split parliamentary vote is a welcome step.

Modeled after Russia’s anti-”propaganda” bill, the amendment is one of a number of homophobic legislative proposals spreading through Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Originating in response to Pride Parades in the region, the amendment would levy fines of between 300 and 900 Euro against organizers of events, demonstrations, or any public display that “defies” family values. The fines would triple for repeat offenses.

If the bill’s proponents succeed in moving the bill forward despite the postponement, President Dalia Grybauskaitė will have the opportunity to veto the bill. Human Rights First urges the United States to continue to demonstrate leadership on this issue by working to stop the passage of further discriminatory laws and promote the protection of LGBT rights as human rights.


Published on March 13, 2014


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