Jack Bauer’s False Exploits in New York

New York Times article yesterday points out some discrepancies in the New York City that Jack Bauer roams in the new season of Fox’s “24” – and how the exploits he will have there will likely return to the show’s insistent fallacy that torture yields results. It references Human Rights First’s Primetime Torture video that debunks this myth:

MORE important is the role that torture may play in Bauer’s journey through New York. In his hands, torture magically works. That aspect of “24” and similar programs has been criticized by human rights groups as legitimizing interrogation tactics said to be not only antithetical to American values but also ineffective in obtaining reliable information.

To make this point, the New York-based Human Rights First put together a short film called “Primetime Torture.” It also arranged for former military interrogators and others to meet with “24” producers to explain how Bauer’s world and the real world are light years apart.

Read more about our Primetime Torture project, and our coalition with retired military leaders against torture and Guantanamo.


Published on January 19, 2010


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