Interrogator: You Deserve the Truth on Torture

I’ve made my career as military intelligence officer, responsible for leading interrogations in multiple theaters against some of our toughest adversaries. So when I say I oppose torture, it’s not only because it’s unlawful and un-American, it’s because it doesn’t work.

History has repeatedly demonstrated that torture produces unreliable information, increases the will to resist, creates more enemies, and divides vital alliances. The strategic consequences of torture can last for generations.

Far too often in recent years, the public discussion of this issue has been driven by self-serving comments by former officials who authorized torture after 9/11, but who have never conducted an actual interrogation in their lives. We need to change that.

Will you join me in calling for the Senate intelligence committee to release its already adopted study on the post-9/11 torture program?

As you may know, this study is the culmination of five years of investigative work by the committee. It’s over 6,000 pages long and based on a review of over 6 million pages of official documents.

In short, it has the potential to set the record straight on torture.

Please join me in urging the Senate intelligence committee to take action to have its study released.

It’s time the conversation about torture be driven by facts, not innuendo and partisan interests.

Urge the Senate intelligence committee to release its study on the post-9/11 CIA interrogation program so Americans can finally know what was done in their names.


Colonel Steven Kleinman, USAFR


Published on March 11, 2014


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