Human Rights First Experts Available For Analysis Of Administration Proposal To Redefine War Crimes

NEW YORK, NY – Human Rights First today highlighted the severe consequences of the Bush Administration’s proposal to dilute humane treatment protections by exempting certain military, intelligence, and other U.S. government personnel from prosecution for certain offenses.

If enacted, the Administration proposal would:

  • Destroy the ability to prosecute as war crimes the kind of atrocious conduct that occurred at Abu Ghraib;
  • Put our soldiers at increased risk of inhumane treatment if captured;
  • Conflict with the McCain amendment, recently passed by an overwhelming majority in Congress to require humane treatment of detainees;
  • Send a message that the United States no longer considers itself bound to treat detainees humanely and that other countries are free to do the same; and
  • Serve as a lightning rod for criticism abroad, undermine U.S. efforts to advance democratic values abroad, and increase anti-American sentiment.

Human Rights First experts are available to talk with the media:

Elisa Massimino, HRF Washington Director, 202-547-5692

Hina Shamsi, Senior Counsel, 212-845-5272

Avi Cover, Senior Associate, 212-845-5265


Published on August 9, 2006


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