Human Rights First Calls On Secretary-General Annan to Adopt Comprehensive Approach

NEW YORK – Human Rights First has sent a letter to Secretary-General Kofi Annan urging him to adopt a more comprehensive approach to the humanitarian, human rights, security and political emergencies in Darfur.

Read the full letter here:

Specifically, HRF urged Secretary-General Annan to immediately appoint a prominent international figure as a U.N. Special Envoy for Peace in Darfur. As outlined in the letter, the envoy would lead the diplomatic process for peace in Darfur, re-energize media and public attention to the conflict, and work to implement the Darfur Peace Agreement, among other things.

Approximately two million people have been displaced from their homes since the start of the conflict in western Sudan. Hundreds of thousands have died or been brutalized. On May 5th the government of Sudan and one rebel group signed the Darfur Peace Agreement. Two rebel groups have yet to sign the agreement and fighting in Darfur has continued.


Published on June 2, 2006


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