Hearing on Interior Immigration Enforcement Legislation

American Values and Refugee Protection Commitments 

Protecting the persecuted is a core American value. Reflecting this country’s deep-seated commitment to liberty and human dignity, as well as its pledge under the Refugee Convention’s Protocol, the United States has long led efforts to protect those who flee from political, religious, and other persecution.  The U.S. asylum system has protected thousands of refugees from being returned to places where they would face political, religious, or other persecution. Through our pro bono legal representation initiatives, we see these people day in and day out: they are victims of religious persecution from China; women targeted for honor killings, trafficking and horrific domestic violence; gay men attacked in countries where they face constant threats; human rights advocates who stand up against oppression in Syria or against the perpetrators of brutal violence in Central America; and ordinary people who are persecuted for who they are or what they believe.


Published on February 11, 2015


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