Guantanamo by the Numbers

The Detainees

  • Detainees currently held at Guantánamo: 40.
  • Total number of detainees ever incarcerated at Guantánamo: 780.
  • Detainees released under President Bush: Over 500.
  • Detainees at start of Obama Presidency: 242.
  • Detainees transferred, repatriated or resettled under Obama: 197.
  • Detainees at start of Trump Presidency: 41.
  • Detainees transferred, repatriated or resettled under Trump: 1.
  • Detainees transferred to U.S. for prosecution: 1.
  • Detainees who died in custody since January 2009: 4.
  • Number of current detainees imprisoned for more than 10 years: 40 (100 percent of total population).
  • Remaining detainees approved for release: 5.
  • Yemenis approved for transfer: 1.
  • Detainees convicted by military commission and still held at Guantánamo: 2.
  • Detainees Trump Administration is currently trying in military commissions: 7. Though the Pentagon may only plan to prosecute 14 detainees in total, including those currently in pre-trial hearings.
  • Detainees Trump Administration is holding for indefinite detention without charge or trial: 26.
  • Number of countries that have accepted Guantánamo detainees: 59.

Financial Costs

  • Yearly cost to U.S. taxpayers of a prisoner in a maximum security federal prison: Approximately $78,000.
  • Yearly cost to hold each detainee at Guantánamo: More than $10 million.
  • Annual cost to operate Guantánamo: Approximately $445 million.

Federal Courts & Challenges to Military Commissions

  • Federal court convictions since 9/11 on terrorism-related charges: More than 660.
  • Detainees convicted by GTMO military commission: 8.
  • GTMO military commissions convictions overturned: 3 completely, 1 partially.
  • Detainees prosecuted in U.S. federal courts: 1 — Ahmed Ghailani.
  • Detainees federal courts have determined were being held unlawfully: 32.
  • Detainees who have lost their habeas corpus petitions challenging their detention: 21.
  • Times military commissions have been re-vamped: 2. The third iteration has not been reviewed by the Supreme Court.
  • Cases involving detainee rights that have gone before the U.S. Supreme Court: 4.
  • Times Supreme Court Justices have sided with the detainees: 4.

Federal Prisons Holding Terrorists

  • Those convicted of terrorism-related charges being held in U.S. prisons: 443.
  • Those convicted of terrorism-related charges who have escaped from any part of the federal prison system: 0.

Deaths in Custody

  • Detainees who have died at Guantánamo: 9.

Additional History

  • First detainees brought to Guantánamo: January 11, 2002.
  • Last known arrival: March 14, 2008.
  • Last known departure: May 1, 2018.
  • Date military commissions first established, by military order: November 13, 2001.
  • Bounties paid by Bush Administration to anyone who would hand over a possible terror suspect: $3,000 to $25,000.
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Published on October 10, 2018


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