Global Magnitsky Human Rights and Accountability Act Submission Form

Given that use of Global Magnitsky Act (GMA) sanctions authority is elective, the U.S. government must be convinced that it is in the U.S. national interest to sanction a particular individual or entity. Use this section to assess and describe the impact of a sanctions designation. While the rationale for a particular designation should include that the U.S. government should uphold its stated commitment to promoting human rights and fighting corruption (as noted in the preface to EO 13818), the most compelling arguments are likely to also include why a particular designation will work to advance U.S. interests beyond exhibiting leadership on human rights and/or corruption.

Arguments related to U.S. interest could include: an assessment of financial assets that could be frozen; and/or the way in which sanctioning a particular individual or entity could send a targeted message to a government, government faction or military unit, isolate an individual spoiler, curb illicit finance, limit future human rights abuses within a particular unit, improve a security situation, and/or provide leverage in a diplomatic discussion. The summary of impact should also seek to explain the extent to which the case being put forward would serve as a model that could deter similar action in the future by similarly situated actors.


Published on November 1, 2017


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