Getting the Torture Argument Right: It Doesn’t Work

It is tempting to ignore the “torture worked” jubilation and to refuse to engage with those whose claims damage the moral fabric of the United States. The fact that this debate is again rearing its ugly head may be less a consequence of substance than one of politics. Listen to this week’s podcast for analysis on the recent torture debate rising from the death of Osama bin Laden. The use of torture does not only violate the very basic principles of human rights, but also gives the U.S. government a false sense of security—setting a poor example for other countries around the world. Particularly as we are seeing torture and repression of civilians in places like Bahrain, Yemen, and Libya, it is important that the U.S. practices what it preaches. It’s time for this debate to end. Torture does not work. Human Rights First will continue to challenge the current torture debate until we have one that is based on facts and not politics.


Published on May 27, 2011


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