Generals on Torture, Lawyer on Gitmo: word is spreading

Two interesting reads that pick up our work on torture and Guantanamo this week:

Tom Ricks comments in Foreign Policy on the op-ed published last week in the Miami Herald by the two chairs of our military coalition denouncing Cheney, calling it “the best article I read on the eighth anniversary of 9/11.”

If you missed the article, it’s worth a read. It’s pretty rare that two retired generals denounce a former Vice President.

Another of Human Rights First’s partners was featured in the New York Times yesterday – Rich Zabel, the co-author of our In Pursuit of Justice reports. It says of his work with us:

Mr. Zabel is also co-author of two extensive reports
prepared for Human Rights First on prosecuting terrorism in the federal
courts. It is an apt topic, given that the Obama administration is currently
studying whether to try more detainees in civilian courts, in New York and
elsewhere. The report makes a strong case that the federal courts can handle
such cases.

Check out the article in the City Room.


Published on September 16, 2009


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