Firstcast: podcast on Burn a Koran day and anti-Muslim bigotry

This week’s podcast takes a closer look behind the big story this week, the infamous “Burn a Koran” media blitz. The story of this single reverend with a 50-person congregation follows on the heels of Muslim-bashing and fearmongering over the Park 51 Islamic center and the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this weekend. Fortunately world leaders have spoken up against this trend. President Obama spoke strongly against the wave of intolerance in his press conference today. He also praised George W. Bush for having spoken clearly in favor of tolerance during his presidency. Human Rights First has an open petition to former President Bush to speak up–we have over 9,000 signatures and we’ll be moving next week to spread this message to other world leaders. Join our efforts!


Published on September 10, 2010


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