Firstcast: Omar Khadr, Military Commissions, and a Campaign to Close Guantanamo

This week’s podcast comments on the military commissions trial of the alleged child soldier, Omar Khadr. The first military commissions trial under the Obama Administration, this is also the first time since World War II that a western country tries a so-called “child soldier.” Another reminder of how flawed and defective this “justice” system is, the trial underscores why we need to close the prison at Guantanamo and try suspected terrorists in federal courts.

Human Rights First is going on the campaign trail during this year’s midterm election season, traveling with retired military leaders to get the facts out about Guantanamo–and stress that closing the prison and using federal courts will make America safer. Join the campaign–we’ll deliver our petition to the candidates we meet in key states!


Published on August 16, 2010


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