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Persecuted communities should not have to stand alone in their struggles for justice, equality, and protection from violence. This year, we’ve worked to combat antisemitism, violence against Roma, intolerance toward Muslims, and anti-gay persecution and violence in Uganda. Stand up for human rights everywhere in 2011 by supporting Human Rights First as we work to protect people around the world from discrimination and violence. Give by December 31 to fight discrimination around the world and your tax-deductible gift will be MATCHED! Right now, violations of human rights in Uganda are even supported by government officials.  Ugandan President Museveni has claimed: “We don’t have homosexuals in Uganda.” Could this explain why his administration is continuing to allow the harassment, firing and forced homelessness of gay men and women? And perhaps that’s why his administration is considering a bill that would sentence homosexuals to life in prison—or the death penalty. With their lives at risk, Ugandans are fighting to defend their rights. But to do this, they need more than passion and courage: they need protection. Homosexuals in Uganda have faced discrimination for years. But after a group of American evangelicals with an anti-gay agenda visited the country, lawmakers in Uganda were inspired to write a bill that would drastically increase institutionalized persecution of the entire LGBTI population. Incidents of harassment and violence have increased significantly in the context of the hateful homophobic rhetoric that has filled the public space since the bill was introduced. That’s why Human Rights First is working with human rights advocates in Uganda and the U.S. government to block the Ugandan anti-gay bill and press for effective protections against homophobic violence. Just this month, HRF’s Paul LeGendre went on television to debate the lead sponsor of the bill—watch it below! Human Rights First has been fighting discrimination both domestically and internationally since 1978. With your support, we can push even harder to protect the rights – and lives – of people in Uganda. Make a gift before December 31, and your donation will go twice as far to battle discrimination around the world


Published on December 30, 2010


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